What We Offer

We focus on ground up development and redevelopment of carefully vetted real estate opportunities for our capital partners. There are several dynamics fueling investor appetite for real estate such as attractive returns, cash flow, leveraging smaller cash investments for equity upside, appreciation, tangible assets, and inflation hedge. At Netra Capital, we offer a full range of services for our investors in every aspect of real estate.

Real Estate Investments

We create investment opportunities for our capital partners in commercial and single or multifamily residential properties by vetting for asset strength, market risk, and viability. We are performance driven and utilize a singular investment philosophy to help our customers create wealth with commercial real estate investments. We deliver both on-market deals and off-market deals to our investors and clients and underwrite our deals with state-of-the-art software tools to manage the assets.

Land Development

The passion for visualizing a barren or empty landscape as an aesthetically livable space for public and private use and turning this vision into physical reality is the primary reason we’re in the business of land development, where the return of investment of our investors is the most important priority that drives the different phases of this process from site selection through initial design and final construction. Maximizing the value of our projects starts with quality design, timely permitting, and exceptional follow-through, but also preparing for the unexpected challenges with contingency planning and buffers for time and cost overruns. We anticipate environmental factors
(streams, wetlands, and protected vegetation and species), transportation factors (traffic patterns, parking, driveways), topographic factors (buffering requirements to fulfill the permitting guidelines of local, state and federal regulators) and pursue these projects and their inherent challenges with a can-do attitude and a sense of urgency by performing our due diligence and feasibility analyses ahead of time. We consult extensively with civil and traffic engineers, building and landscape architects, as well as environmental scientists to ensure a fully integrated design that will position our projects for success.

Construction Management

Serving as an extension of ownership, we direct and coordinate all activities associated with the design, entitlements and construction phases. All communication between the owner, contractors and design team are channeled through Netra Capital to ensure quick, efficient decision-making and a single source of accountability. We strive to minimize change orders by notifying the owner of potential design issues early in the construction phase and provide quick alternatives to prevent delays and cost overruns.

Property Management

In order to provide one stop services for our clients, we offer a full range of property management services from leasing, inspection, repair, maintenance, rent collection and accounting for commercial and residential rental properties. These services are listed in the following five broad categories where we would lean on our corporate partner Prime Gain Realty to accomplish some of these services.

Collect Rent – Assure timely payment of rents or issue late payment notice which includes a late fee.

Process Expenses – Pay all expenses from an operating account that is established for each managed property. Payments include all services for the property, property taxes, insurance, business license.

Building Services – Coordinate building services such as janitorial, security system, elevator, maintenance and gardening. Respond to all calls from tenants for repairs and send the appropriate contractor for resolution.

Rentals – Advertise and show vacant units in a timely manner. Perform move-in and move-out inspections. Verify prospective tenant history, financials and process a credit and eviction check. Rentals include residential and commercial properties.

Emergency Service Coverage – Should there be an emergency at a property, the tenants have the emergency phone number (extension). A property manager will respond within minutes to access and address the nature of the call.

Real Estate Brokerage

We provide a full range of real estate brokerage services through our corporate partner, Prime Gain Realty. These services include

Client Representation – provide market research and competitive property analysis.

Land and Existing Building search – perform due diligence for both by determining their dispositions.

Earnest money contract and Lease negotiations.

Assist in identifying appropriate Business and Tax incentives.

Design Build

Design-Build is a process to deliver a project under a single source contract format where the client will receive singular attention. We will manage the entire design and construction process during the development of a project. This method allows for a fast-track approach in which the construction of a facility can commence before the design is complete. Therefore, Design-Build provides for a single source of accountability for the delivery of the project and improves the speed of construction without losing flexibility.