Iowa Colony Town Center – Phase 1 and 2

Iowa Colony, TX

Netra Capital acquired two high potential parcels of land in Iowa Colony, TX totaling 15 acres. A sleeping suburb 23 miles from Houston, Iowa colony saw recent surge in economic development owing to the Hwy 288 expansion project which aims to enhance accessibility to Texas Medical Center and Downtown. A 180-mile circumferential Grand Parkway Project is underway, traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston area cutting Hwy 288 just past Iowa colony. The proximity to Houston and Pearland coupled with major access ways makes this small town in Brazoria County an investor’s dream.The subject property is located on County Road 64, yards away from Highway 288.

CR 64 is approved for a widening project which will be a major highway connecting CR 48 and Highway 288 by December 2023. A stone’s throw away from the subject property is the proposed Iowa Colony High school projected to complete by 2022 Fall. The property is flanked by major residential developments like Sterling Lakes, Sierra Vista and Meridiana.

This offering is for a planned development of mixed-use business park that combines retail, restaurants, offices and apartment buildings. Extensive feasibility studies are ongoing currently, including floodplain mapping, detention design, project land planning and site design.


  • retail shopping strips 3
  • office or medical office building 1
  • Multi-family apartment building 1

Market Summary

Iowa Colony is adjacent to Manvel and Alvin cities that became destination for Houstonians
looking to live away from the center of town in less hectic suburban edges. With Meridiana,
Sierra Vista, Sterling lakes, Presidio, Pomona and 6 other residential developments in the area,
the city is struggling to keep up with the retail needs of the residents. New retail development,
Manvel Town Center is several miles away from this growth. Iowa colony which is south of
Manvel is the answer for commercial development which Netra Capital aims to take advantage
of. From 10,000 to 130,000 projected population growth in 20 years, Manvel City is focusing on
commercial and infrastructure development.
Keeping these factors in consideration, City’s Economic Development Corporation strongly
backs the private investors willing to meet the city’s growth needs.


Iowa Colony population in 2018 is 1896 residents.
The population density is 263.56 people/mi² (101.76 people/km²).
The overall median age is 40.8 years, 40.8 years for males, and 40.9 years for females. For every
100 females there are 103.5 males.
Based on data from the American Community Survey, in 2017 there were households in the city,
with an average size of 3.1 people per household.
The median income for households in Iowa Colony, Texas is $92,679, while the mean household
income is $109,290.